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Just Art Vibes: Feeling is Believing

ChrisK Crystals’ website had everything I’d seen in the past that I liked, and opened a whole new door into the world of crystals.

For most of my life, I’ve felt stressed, angry, resentful, and/or held some of form of negative energy 24/7. The same can be said for the people I associated with, as well as many of the individuals I’ve run into during the pandemic. I was under the impression that this was the norm for most, and the ones that seemed positive I figured were just putting on a show. I still enjoyed following motivators and self-help influencers on social media, because the hope of peace and happiness was still of dream of mine.

One of my favorite social media influencers is a public figure by the name of Billy Carson. The entrepreneur, best selling author, and social media superstar always seems cool, calm, and focused while speaking or interviewing renowned guests live on his Instagram channel. One of his posts mentioned a company by the name of “ChrisK Crystals,” a company that sells exclusive, customized, made-to-order, hand-carved crystal jewelry and crystal specimens. I’ve always been drawn to crystals, and felt like I had a connection to them whenever I’d hold one, but assumed it was just a placebo effect, and I never knew if what I was holding was considered a real crystal, or just an expensive painted rock or piece of glass.

After seeing someone as respected as Billy mentioning crystals, and giving a shout-out to a specific company that sells them, I figured I’d check them out. I was not disappointed!

ChrisK Crystals’ website had everything I’d seen in the past that I liked, and opened a whole new door into the world of crystals. The homepage opened with a short description about the benefits of crystals, followed by a brief history lesson, and ended with an introduction to the Kirby family (the company founders). Their shop had everything a crystal lover would want, from pendants, to bracelets, rings, accessories, and more, along with a description of the product and its benefits. I was hooked!

My first purchase was the “Tree of Life (Multi Color Stones Tree),” which I purchased thinking that it would look beautiful sitting on my desk, besides my computer. Upon its arrival, I was astonished by it’s quality, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and presence. It felt as if this tree was meant to be mine, and its arrival was needed to cleanse my home of negative energies.

For my second purchase, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy, but knew I wanted something that I could carry with me everywhere that gave me the same feeling as the tree. I called ChrisK Crystals to get their opinion, and spoke to Christine who was very kind, knowledgeable, and helped me with my purchase. Since then, I’ve purchased a little bit of everything from the site, discovered a passion for crystals, and frequently gift them to friends and family that I feel can use the boost of energy.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the crystals, the newly discovered passion, a combination of both, or if it’s just a placebo affect, but I’ve had 4 months of calm for the first time. And for that, I’d like to thank both Billy for the recommendation, and the Kirby family for the powerful collection of ChrisK Crystals.


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