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Become enlightened with the healing benefits of crystals though customized made to order hand carved, wrapped with silver copper, gold-plated wire crystal jewelry and crystal specimens. 

We also have consultations available to see which crystal will be most beneficial for your needs.

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Meet The Founders

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Royal Queen
Christine Kirby

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Elmore Kirby

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Elijah Kirby

Christine: I have always been in awe of crystals. I fell in love with the assorted colors and textures of the different gems.  A friend suggested the crystal Amythyst as a tool to break unhealthy habits.  That bit of knowledge sparked my curiosity and I started researching crystals extensively.  I began sharing this knowledge with friends and family, and soon my passion gave birth to our company ChrisK Crystals.  Today, like our crystals, I shine bright through every facet, and spread the light to others.

Elmore: I was introduced to the world of crystals by my son.  I learn of his enthusiasm and knowledge of them during a visit to a crystal shop, and it sparked my interest.  I soon began researching and collecting them.  Now I eat, live, and breathe crystals.  Each crystal is unique and gives off its own special frequency. Different crystals have different energies that are used in watches, cell phones, and other technological tools used today.  I encourage everyone to come and enjoy all the wonders of nature’s crystals.

Elijah: I'm an artistic scientist at heart. I've always analyzed ad questioned everything in my journey for knowledge and answers. Since the age of 14, I've been a student of esoteric knowledge from subjects such as chakras kundalini energy, Freemasonry, metaphysics, ancient humanity, spiritually and science.  Crystals have been used for thousands of years in many different ways they are also apart of the human DNA and holds the blueprint to our genetics.  My goal is to help others find a path that's comfortable and beneficial for them spiritually and physically.

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1 Buffalo Ave NW Suite 211, Concord, NC 28025, Located in the Old Locke Mill Historical Plaza.