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ChrisK Crystals Will Soon Open Their Concord, North Carolina Store

The crystal lovers of North Carolina have had it good for several years now. Everything they’ve needed has been in their state, and many were willing to take the drive to the hot spot in Cabarrus County, where ChrisK Crystals got its start.

The decision to start a business came in 2020. After being local vendors in the Noda area of Charlotte for three years, Chris K Crystals’ online store opened in 2021, and quickly became the #1 ranked online crystal shop in NC.

The business name, “ChrisK Crystals” is a combination of owner Christine’s first name, and the family’s last name “Kirby.” The family business is run by the three Kirby’s (husband Elmore, wife Christine, and their son Elijah). ChrisK Crystals’ mission is to spread knowledge, peace, love and harmony.

The team believes in spreading good energy and knowledge of crystals. Their products are popular, beautiful, and have healing abilities. With over a hundred, one-of-a-kind styles of bracelets, rings, pendants, stones, crystal accessories, and more, ChrisK Crystals is a crystal lovers’ dream shop.

The Kirbys are eager and excited to be opening their first crystal shop, located at 1 Buffalo Ave NW Suite 211, Concord, NC 28025. You can follow them on social media everywhere at @ChrisKCrystals, and visit their official website:


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