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ChrisK Crystals Gift Shop, Cabarrus County, North Carolina’s Hidden Gem

A featured article on Vents Magazine.

A hidden crystal shop in the historical Lot Mills in Concord, North Carolina has become the city’s new hotspot. This intimate, cozy, magical crystal shop is owned and ran by the Kirby family: Elmore, Christine, and their son Elijah. A team that came from humbles beginnings, and quickly rose to become the #1 ranked crystal shop in their county, and rapidly approaching the top spot in all of North Carolina.

Three years ago, the trio worked as vendors in the art district of Charlotte, NC known as Noda.  A year later, with a little help from Billy Carson and Rey Rey Rodriguez a website was born, allowing the world to view, choose from, and purchase from the massive collection of high quality crystals and stones that Chris K Crystals had to offer. Ten months later, the company had grown into a successful online business. And on February 4th of 2023, the store’s Grand Opening was a hit, allowing customers finally see the products up-close and personal, and meet the team. Today, Chris K Crystals’ beautiful crystal shop in Concord, NC is visited by people from all walks of life. Collectors, crystallographers, spiritual healers, energy seekers, those just wanting a beautiful gift, and many others come to shop and enjoy the vibe.

Chris K Crystals provides a one-of-a-kind crystal experience.  The walls display a gallery of art from local artists. There are days when lessons are taught on astrology, mythology, crystals, and there are also classes on creating your own jewelry.  They carry a selection of crystals, minerals, and stones from all around the world that they personal hand select. You can even enjoy Rose Quartz Infused spring water from a local spring, as well as herbal tea.

By connecting with each customer, they’ve set themselves apart from any possible competitor. Visitors receive expert explanations of the healing benefits of the products they are interested in. Customers that come to the shop seeking to cure or energize a part of themselves and are guided to the best selection for those ailments. This is the only crystal shop where a crystal mineral can be wire wrapped into a pendant or ring, using your wire of choice (copper, silver, and more) upon pick up.

The Kirby’s live by the golden rule, by giving back and helping others. They’ve worked with several organizations, mentally challenged adults, the youth, the NA, and the AA community. Providing workshops, classes, and enlightening topics, led by Elijah Kirby. A young man filled with knowledge and passion.

ChrisK Crystals is hands down the crystal shop you want to visit either in-store or by browsing through their website. They have the best variety of crystals and minerals for you, your home, office, or as a gift. Give them a visit and see for yourself. The shop is in the Old Locke Mill Historical Plaza, at: 1 Buffalo Ave NW Suite 211, Concord, NC 28025. And don’t forget to follow on all social media: @ChrisKCrystals, where updates, new products, sales, news, and other content is posted frequently.


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