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Kyanite master crown

Kyanite master crown


KYANITE With the stimulation of the Third-Eye Chakra, this healing crystal encourages psychic abilities and communications on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It widens one's consciousness and levels up one's vibration. Activating the third eye chakra, enhances inner and deeper knowing.

It can also help balance the third eye chakra and heal your broken bones, reducing inflammations and relieving pains.

The vibration of Tangerine Aura Quartz opens a blocked or unawakened Third Eye Chakra and is extremely supportive for spiritual exploration. Its other meanings include: excellent to use after shock or trauma. provides healing after psychic attack. Tangerine Quartz is believed to stimulate the joyful energy of the inner child, encouraging playfulness and curiosity, allowing us to learn and grow. It has been known to assist with activating passion on all levels, from sexuality to creativity.

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