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Copper purple chalcedony Meditation Crown

Copper purple chalcedony Meditation Crown


This royal stone helps you connect with the universe and expand your mental capacity in ways you've only dreamt of. Your intellectual body reemerges itself into the cosmos to aid in the understanding of yourself, inner visions, and the dreams you may experience each night.

Tensor Energy Rings bring beneficial life-force energy to everything within their enclosure which may contribute to improving overall health and well-being. In your life, this means our Rings may help you focus on a healing and meditative process, combat fatigue, help reduce discomfort and stress, and potentize water (for drinking and watering plants). It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields, bringing coherency to chaos, and easily stabilizes and equalizes the bio magnetic and energy fields of the body.

Green Calcite emanates the essence of love and expands your heart to hold greater compassion. Deepening a connection to the centre of your being, it reveals opportunities for healing and growth. Nurturing emotional balance, it surfaces feelings of anger and resentment to experience, accept and let go.

The pineal gland contains calcite crystals that have piezoelectric properties. These crystals are excitable by electromagnetic frequencies and field energy outside the range of visible.

The pineal gland is a gland found in the brain that is responsible for some hormone regulation. It also contains a visual apparatus consisting of rods and cones similar to a conventional eye, allowing it to see certain wavelengths of light. Flashes of blue-green light likely occurred during the production and metabolism of melatonin, stimulating a visual response within the pineal gland.

Magnetite is believed to have calming effects, alleviate negative emotions, promote positive qualities, provide stability, and balance the intellect with emotion.

Magnetite is a grounding, magnetic stone that helps align and open up all of the chakras. It opens the third-eye chakra, helping you trust your intuition and connecting you with a higher self. It also massages the root chakra, encouraging you to ground your emotions and let go of troublesome thoughts and feelings.

magnetite crystals are found in the human brain, heart, liver, and spleen. Magnetite is the most common and important magnetic material on Earth. It's found in living organisms, and some organisms use magnetite for navigation.

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