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Introducing North Carolina’s #1 Crystal Shop, ChrisK Crystals

A featured article of ChrisK Crystals on Hip Hop Only Magazine.

For those in the Concord, North Carolina area seeking for a cozy, intimate, authentic crystal shop are in luck. The legendary online crystal shop ChrisK Crystals has opened the doors to their new NC gift shop! There you’ll find everything… from crystal bracelets, hand-wire wrapped pendants, and the largest selection of healing accessories anywhere.

This incredible family-owned and ran business is managed by the Kirby family (Elmore, Christine, and Elijah Kirby). They are all very knowledgeable and are always there to help with any questions, share their experiences, and to explain the history and benefits of these powerful crystals. All of their products are ethically sourced and / or mined crystals and gems that they have hand-picked from countries like Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, Germany and many other places.

One reviewer said, “This is more than just a crystal shop. A visit to the store is an experience. As you walk through their doors and into the store, you instantly enter a zenful trance. The refreshing aroma, tranquil music, soothing herbal tea, and unique artistry of their products is addicting.”

Another frequent buyer and crystal collector stated, “Not only do they sell amazing crystal jewelry, but they also have rare, hard to find specimens. They have any crystal you could possibly want or desire such as Smoky Quartz Clusters, Amethyst Church, beautiful Ethiopian Opal, Moldavite, gorgeous, tumbled stones from carnelian ton tourmaline towers, spheres, and even handmade candles with herbs and crystals.”

ChrisK Crystals’s shop is located at: 1 Buffalo Ave NW Suite 211 Concord NC 28025. For any questions, they can be contacted via phone: 704-222-5562, email:, and you can always shop online by visiting their website:

“Chris Kirby Crystals is an out of this world experience. Come visit us, you will not be disappointed!” – Elijah Kirby


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